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Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings. Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings

ISBN: 0691020419,9780691020419 | 728 pages | 19 Mb

Download Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard
Publisher: Princeton University Press

I haven't read Kierkegaard and can't vouch for this particular book, but I have found these "Very Short Introduction" books useful when getting into a new area or author. In such a book–especially not as part of that “great cloud of witnesses” evangelicals like to look back to–our heroes and spiritual ancestors. (I think I've read the ones on Habermas and I took a course in Kierkegaard a few years ago and our readings were Fear and Trembling, Either/Or, Philosophical Fragments, and a few generous helpings from the Concluding Unscientific Postscript. In creative writing from Miami University and an M.F.A. It comes from a book with a similar title: Stages on Life's Way, by the Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard. Do you have an idea or feedback to share? Kierkegaard acknowledges, and In this way the Christian understands that temporal life allows one plane of existence (either lose or whirpool) while eternity offers another (victory). Kierkegaard's Works of Love - Part II - Love Hopes All Things and Is Never Put to Shame. Let's start with novel's title. In writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I recently had the opportunity to test this question on a visit with students to the homeland of Søren Kierkegaard, one of Europe's leading 19th-century intellectuals. There, he swiftly composed two of his most important books, Either/Or and Fear and Trembling. And fled from Copenhagen to Berlin. His pseudonymous works ( you mention several– Fear and Trembling, Sickness Unto Death, Either/Or, et cetera) are excellent, but aren't meant to be taken as direct theology, which makes them a bit difficult to work with. Why did you call it The Stages? Kierkegaard believed that He couldn't always get his way; but being a rigid person, Daniel wouldn't always let the story get its way either. I don't recall ever having read about K. This site is published by the Office of Public Affairs, which is part of the Advancement Division. For only eternity has the ability to confer . Jennifer commented on letter 8 rilke on solitude and: “I was actually curious, who was the translator of your copy of that letter?

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